5 Side effects and myths of weight loss medicine

5 Side effects and myths of weight loss medicine

Weight loss medicine can reduce your weight but can also cause many serious problems.

Weight loss is common today. Every other person will find you upset with the increasing weight. But do you know that people who are not able to exercise for weight loss or go to the gym, they take all the weight loss medicine or supplements that come in the market for weight loss.

They reduce weight easily due to the effect of these medicines, but do you know that the additional effects of these drugs start appearing on your body after a short time.

Those who want to lose weight quickly also resort to supplements. But you must also be aware of the additional effects of weight loss medicines.

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Let’s know about the side effects of weight loss supplements.

Common Side Effects of Weight Loss Drugs

Weight Loss Drugs
Common Side Effects

1) Digestive problems

Those who consume weight-loss medicines may have digestive problems. The most common problem with the use of these drugs is a gastric problem.

These drugs reduce excess fat around the stomach, but problems like gas formation, indigestion and diarrhea etc. occur.

Due to these problems, the possibility of lack of vitamins in the body also increases.

In such a situation, multivitamin tablets should be taken along with weight loss medicines.

2) Loss of appetite

Consumption of weight loss medicines causes your hunger to die and you do not feel hungry even after being on an empty stomach for a long time.

This increases your ability to bear hunger, due to which you also start having heart related problems. Your blood pressure becomes abnormal.

Due to loss of appetite, there are complaints of sleeplessness and due to increased blood pressure, blood clots begin to form in the arteries.

3) Damage to the liver

Consumption of weight loss drugs causes damage to the liver. Although it may not be detected initially, but long-term use of these drugs has negative effects on the kidneys.

The cause of damage to the kidneys is due to excessive accumulation of oxalic acid in the intestines, which can worsen the kidneys and also increase the chances of kidney stones.

4) physical problems

Many times you start feeling ill with the use of weight-loss medicines. Not only this, you are also more likely to get a heart attack.

5) Get cancer

Get cancer weight loss medicine
Get cancer through weight loss medicines

Consumption of weight loss medicines also increases the risk of cancer. According to recent researches, the use of obesity-reducing drugs increases the risk of pancreatic cancer more than the normal person.

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Other side effects resulting from the consumption of weight loss medicines

  • Have a headache
  • Stomach ache
  • Throat and dry mouth
  • Having constipation
  • Drug addiction

If you really want to lose weight, then you should include exercise in your routine instead of taking supplements or weight loss medicines.

Medicine claims to loss weight

Obesity is the root of many diseases. The risk of diabetes ranging from diabetes to blood pressure and heart disease increases due to obesity.

The problem of obesity can be avoided through lifestyle changes. But if a company or medicine claims to lose weight by eliminating diet and lifestyle irregularities, then you are being lied to, because it is not possible to do anything without physical exercise, diet and lifestyle changes. Obesity can be overcome.

Let’s know what the products of weight loss lie to you …

1) Weight Loss without diet

Weight Loss without diet
myths: Weight Loss without diet

This is the biggest lie that weight loss products speak to you. It is not possible to control or reduce weight without diet. Often you have heard of such medicines which claim to lose weight, but do not believe them, because weight cannot be reduced by a pill and powder. To lose weight, also you have to follow the diet. No medicine or pill can reduce body fat. Meanwhile Weight cannot be reduced without reducing calories.

2) Reduce weight without exercise

Reduce weight without exercise
Myths: Reduce weight without exercise

If a company claims to lose weight without exercise, then you are being lied to. Strenuous exercise is required to lose weight. Whether you go to the gym or do physical exercise on your own, exercise is necessary for weight loss. Without physical activity, no person can lose weight.

3) Increase your metabolism

Many supplement manufacturing companies claim to reduce weight by increasing metabolism, but this is not possible.

So Companies make such claims to increase sales of their product. Therefore you need to be careful with such claims.

So The fact is that no drug or powder can increase your metabolism. Even green tea may not increase your metabolism.

It is often claimed that taking any powder and pill will not make you hungry and you will lose weight, but this claim is absolutely false.

Your body needs protein, fiber and also food to fill its stomach. It is fat in food. Weight loss supplements can never replace food.

Therefore, if such a claim is being made, do not believe it and do not take any medicine for weight loss.

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