Corona virus block the world with its harmful effects on people so
its time to free the world and earth from this deceases,live free from any
limitation. Are you with me to break this limitation due to this corona virus?
Did you know Safety tips for corona virus??

If No,then you should absolutely know about it. Also follow the instruction which was given by our government. So that it will not effect you and your family and live your life happily with your family. We all should know about these corona virus and safety tips for this corona virus.Which are given below:-

1)Don’t go outside from your home

People are advised that do not go outside from your home to keep safe you and your family from this COVID-19.

Kindly stay in home to be stop this corona virus spreading. This corona virus is taking a horrible form in Italy for people and took off many death so people are crying in that country,

there are a lot of problem is facing people for this deceases many people are running randomly for getting safe place but they are spreading this virus in whole country by running randomly,

so you should be stay in your home with your family and live life happily with your family. By staying in home you can work from home campaign, be with your children, give time to your parents that usually

you could not do before in working days.

2)Keep distance with other 6 feet

Do you want to keep himself from Corona virus?Then you should keep distance from other minimum 6 feet to be safe and healthy on keeping this distance you would be safe from any deceases having the people standing in front of you.

By doing this you will able to stop the chain to spreading this virus in whole country. Because this virus is taking huge form of deceases if it will not stop then it grow day by day rapidly in whole earth and you will not be able to stop this

so kindly follow instruction that are given by our government to prevent this virus.

3) Do not go where, there is a number of crowd present

You are very precious to your family and in these days if you are going outside the home then your family is praying that you will not be infected by this corona virus anywhere.So to be careful about your family and to whom, who is love to you. You have only your responsibility of your family on your shoulder.

So don’t go where is maximum number of people are present there gathered because it could be possible that one of them is infected from this due to this you can be infected.

God don’t do that if you get infected from any body and get this corona virus in your body and then you will be go your home this virus get catch easily to your child and family member

so that kindly keep in mind SAFETY FROM CORONA VIRUS.

social distancing

4)Wear mask and handkerchief

If you want live life long so at any cost do not be infected this coronavirus, always wear mask in any place, keep your hand clean and wash your hand with in few hours.

If you have come from outside then soon wash your hand and then touch anything in your home.

This will keep you safe and away from this virus.Because let say you came from outside and you have been touched from many articles,

that may be infected so keep your hand clean and free from any virus and bacteria present in environment.

And if you are bringing any eatable thing to eat at first wash it properly either it is packed or
not. you should be eat that after sanitized this.

5)Work in home

You have a great opportunities at this time to work from and build your business
easily.As you all know everyone is inside home they have only one thing to use their time that is Mobile and laptop and television.

So there is great opportunity to get these people attract your side by using blogging, providing different online courses and program that is relevant to this interest.

You have many place like a campaign is started by Sir Vivek Bindra that is LEARN FROM HOME, and internshala is providing different plan and program ad training session
to utilize their time. That is also golden time for student to learn from home at online and increase their skills that can be enhance

their knowledge which is useful for Build a business and getting job in multinational organisation and company like google

, amazon, facebook, .

6)Don’t go ATM use digital payment

Everyone know, today’s are the trends of DIGITAL PAYMENT, so you should not need to go ATM.You should pay everyplace in DIGITAL PAYMENT method via Gpay, PhonePAY, PayTM etc.

Because many of people are using ATM so that it had been go through many people in touch or it may be touched by CORONA VIRUS infected people,

that can be infect you by touching button of ATM.
So use digital payment everywhere, for safe himself and SAFETY FROM CORONA VIRUS.

7)Do not go in party and don’t be invite for a party

As you know you should not go in crowd so there is an option that is also a crowd that is in party, function,seminar,gathering etc

. You also should not be conduct this type of gathering where a number of people can be gathered at a place at this time.

This will increase the coronavirus spreading between each other because anyone can be infect form this you should not to invite

these deceases in your home himself to Safety from coronavirus.

8)Use video call instead of meeting physical

There are a number of options is present to meet a person and tell

him our talk by using technology that is a video call.

It will help you keep away from people to be safe and it will also help

full to talk that person.

Everyone should use it to be preventing this coronavirus. With the use of it we can talk easily it will save our time also.

9)Order Things online

You should not go to any shop to buy anything. In nowadays everything is available at your door just you do at only one thing use technology as more as possible because

it will always prevent you from any type of deceases that are helpful to you; but do one thing if you are ordering an item online then use it after washing many time from soap and water.

Because it may be infected from anybody any virus.

10)Follow instruction given by OUR HONOURABLE PM

As we know, our pm is daily updating to help and save our country as soon as possible. They are starting many scheme daily to people which is helpful to follow their instruction by a stay in their home

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