Observe the thoughts:-Meditation guide for beginners

Observe the thoughts:-Meditation guide for beginners

let’s briefly summarize the last article. Find a comfortable seat focus on the breath as the abdomen rises and falls labeling it as you inhale and exhale. Many thoughts arise in our mind while meditating, but many people are worried about them, not obsessing about them. Just observe the thoughts.

now a lot of people feel that meditation means emptying your mind completely not having any thoughts at all.

What I had to learn is in this form of meditation.

You are not trying to stop the thoughts from coming in but rather you are just observing them.

let’s say you are mindful of your breathing labeling
it as we did before rising or falling.

but suddenly a sensation snaps you out of the mindfulness of breathing.

This sensation might be hearing a car driving, feeling your leg go numb or maybe you can see in your mind an image of a beach whichever of your senses is being called on. simply label it so, you might label it listening smelling, feeling, or seeing by labeling it become aware of it.

You acknowledge meditation guide, you observe it for what it is without allowing yourself to go into deeper.

just remember don’t think actively, instead of observing.
And continue to label it without letting your thoughts wander mindlessly when you do this.

meditation thought

You all see that the sensation will pass and when it does,we bring the focus back to the breath rising and falling.

observe it then let it go to the breath

Meditation guide:- OBSERVE THE THOUGHTS

now what happens when a thought enters into the mind, not just a sensation.

But thought maybe you are thinking about something that happened in past like

a mistake you made earlier in the day or maybe your mind is wandering to the future thinking about some logical things later.

Maybe your mind is wandering to an imaginary world where you have just won the lottery.

Like we did before we were aware of it and kept giving labels.

continue to repeat this until we become mindful of the fact that it’s just a thought we don’t judge the thought we don’t label the thought as good or bad.

Or try to make sense of the thought we just observe it in a detached manner. meanwhile simply observe the thoughts.

After a few seconds or moments of labeling the thought will pass.

Which again allows us to brings the attention back to the attention back to the rising and falling of the abdomen.

This meditation allows us to empty the mind of plans and memories.

It allows the thoughts to flow away as they do.

So we can focus on the rising and falling movement happening right now.

Because all we have really got is the now in the now in the movements when you are aware of only the breath.
you allow the mind to be still allowing it. To rest in those spaces.

In a way this is how we empty the mind not by actively willing it to be emptied.

But rather by becoming aware of the breath honoring the passing sensations

And observe the thoughts letting them go and then returning to the breath.

we have learned to separate ourselves from those sensation observe the thoughts or emotions

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