Meditation guide for beginners-10 min step-by-step

Meditation guide for beginners-10 min step-by-step

I am gonna encourage you to do what feels good .
Wondering the type of meditation guide that I learned is called the Pasado meditation guide.

But possum adjust means insight or awareness or mindfulness.

A few years ago I was going through a very difficult period in my life and in a moment of quiet desperation.

I decided to register for a six- week meditation guide course to help me cope with some of the anxiety and some of the emotions.

That I was experiencing after that I was eager to learn more.

I also registered for a 2-days silent meditation retreat and the things that I learned from the meditation guide course.

And from the retreat have had such a profound impact on my life.

And these are things I want to share with you today.

I am not a meditation expert and its also not in my philosophy to do things in a way that feels strict or extreme.

now let’s get started .


Begin by finding a comfortable seat,

Because we are beginners let’s just find any seat that feels comfortable and puts you at ease.

place your hands either on your knees or in your lap whichever you prefer.

Again we are beginners so just do what feels good .

(If you have some kind of injury do what you need to do to find support)

This may mean propping up your back sitting in a chair supporting your knees with a pillow or keeping.

Your legs straight ultimately you know what feels best for your body.

Once you find a comfortable seat you want to sit up straight but you also don’t want to forcefully elongate.

Meanwhile just doesn’t feel natural and you will get tired very quickly.
Make sure you are not rounding through your neck so just press your chin back a little bit.
Now close your eyes and find some column.

Through the meditation process we don’t want to fidget or move this can be the hardest part but it easier with practice.

After a few minutes your leg might go numb fall asleep or start to tingle ideally.

Meanwhile you want to ride this feeling out now you just find a comfortable and hold it.


Take a movement to tune into your natural breathing rhythm.

You don’t need to take longer inhales or moreover forceful exhales just breathe as you normally would in and out through your nose into your belly.

Now usually when we are unconscious of the breath we breathe into the chest.

But which is more often how breaths went in the fight or flight responses.

Breathing into the belly sends relaxation signals to the mind and above all mimics the breath.

When we are at rest like when we are sleeping.

In other words ,Have you ever watched a baby breathing the belly visibly rises or falls breathing into the belly. So also helps to gently massage the internal organs and helps us become more aware of the sensations in the abdomen.

The beauty of pasta is that it allows for a moment to moment investigation of the mind-body process so through a clam open and compassionate awareness .

So we learned to observe our experience from a place of spacious stillness which enables us to experience clarity and insight into the nature of who.

We are now so we become aware of the breath when breathing in you feel that your abdomen is rising
and when you exhale you feel your abdomen is dropping.


However all I want you to do is label this breathing.

So as you inhale you say silently to yourself in mind rising rising rising rising.

And you exhale say silently to yourself in your mind falling falling falling.

Simply describing the rising and falling motion of the belly as it happens.

Continue these steps up to 10 to 15 minutes and remember that always comes down to the breath.

So if your mind has wandered for a little bit and you become aware of it.

Simply bring that awareness back to the breath continuously labeling it rising or falling.

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