Importance of Exercise for teenagers

importance of exercise for teenagers

Importance of exercise is too necessary for youths. It mainly helps teenagers as it reduces stress, burns extra calories and reflects a positive attitude towards academics.

Exercise, in any age group, is important. Either he is old , child and adults.

Junk and fried foods add more to calories leading to weight gain.
This is why apart from a balanced diet, exercise is essential to keep yourself fit and healthy.

Since computer games are a hit among children today, the concept of outdoor games is lost.

Therefore, there is hardly any physical fitness in teenagers.

Regular exercise improves immunity, improves cardiovascular-endurance, reduces stress, regulates body weight, improves muscle flexibility years reduces the risk of high blood pressure, etc.

Importance of Exercise to encourage healthy lifestyles in children and teenagers as they grow up.

The child is more likely to become an adult than a lifestyle learned in childhood. Some changes in lifestyle as an individual can be difficult.

The best way to promote a healthy lifestyle is to involve the whole family.

why teenager requires at least 60 minutes of average to vigorous physical activity on most days to maintain good health and fitness and to have a healthy weight during development.

Regular aerobic physical activity enhances a teenager’s capacity.

It also plays a role in the prevention of heart diseases. Aerobic activities are continuous activities that increase heart rate and breathing rate.

To prevent dehydration, encourage your teenager to drink fluids regularly during physical activity.

activity. In addition, Allow them to drink several glasses of water or other fluids after mixing for physical activity without adding sugar.


Reduce mental stress:

Exercise advantages every part of the body, including the brain. Exercise helps the child to sleep better and increases concentration.

Due to this, chemicals like endorphins are produced in the body, which helps a person, to feel more peaceful and happy.

It can help some people who have mild depression .

Personality Development:

Exercise, in the form of exercise or swimming or any sport, increases self-confidence, and autonomy.

combine activity with a balanced diet and you will help yourself reach and maintain a healthy weight.

aim for 150 minutes of moderate-intensity per week. try to be active every day.

Importance of exercise in following terms:

Regular physical activity:

It can lower your risk of heart and circulatory disease by 35%, when you are active the heat produced by your muscles increases your body temperature making you feel warmer.

your heart starts to beat faster pumping more blood to the muscles you are using .

your heart is also a muscle. your muscles are working harder so they need more oxygen.

You start breathing faster so that your blood takes more
oxygen from your lungs.

Your lungs work hard to do this. once your blood has picked up oxygen, it moves to the muscles you are using, giving them the extra oxygen they need.

If you are active regularly more capillaries grow in the muscles you’ve been working.

this is one reason why activity starts to feel easier over time.

Whenever I feel the need to exercise, I lie down until it goes away.


Getting active is great for people with diabetes. if you have type 2 diabetes you have too much glucose in your blood, probably because you don’t have enough insulin. Physical activity helps you use the insulin you do have.

“It also helps your cells use glucose even when there is no insulin.”

If you are active regularly more capillaries grow in the muscles you’ve been working. this is one reason why activity starts to feel easier over time.

Regular physical activity can improve your memory and attention span. Over time the bit of brain involved in memory and learning seems to get bigger.

long term physical activity leads to a lower resting heart rate and lower blood pressure this helps cut you risk of heart and circulatory disease.

There are more reason to smile when you’re active, your brain produces chemicals called endorphins.

These reduce feelings of pain you feel more positive. getting active cuts down on stress hormones, reducing anxiety.

So we have discussed importance of exercise above. You can follow these guidelines to do exercise.

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