Diabetes food list:- Best and Worst choices

Diabetes food list:- Best and Worst choices

Diabetes patients can also enjoy these 8 fruits

Diabetes patients are often confused as to whether they should eat fruit or not. Here we show you the diabetes food list.

Which fruits should not be eaten by diabetics to avoid the worst fruits. Diabetes patients should avoid consuming fruits that are high in carb. Some people believe that it is natural sugar, it should be consumed, but it can increase the level of blood sugar.

Who says that sugar patients should not eat fruits. It is true that every fruit definitely has some percentage of natural sugar.

But this does not mean that natural sugar available in every fruit will harm patients of diabetes. Learn here about 8 delicious fruits that diabetic patients can eat comfortably.

If you can eat fruits then what are the fruits that will not harm them. Because it is believed that fruits are rich in natural sugar and this natural sugar also works to increase the level of sugar in the body.

Therefore, sugar patients should not eat fruits. But this is not completely true .

People with diabetes can also consume fruits. They just have to choose fruits that contain low sugar content.

Because such fruits do not work to increase the sugar level in the blood. The special thing is that most of these fruits are from berries category. Or are rich in citric acid.

For this reason, the patients of diabetes benefit from three types of food.

First- they get a test and remain in sugar level control. Second, fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals, which make health. And the third advantage is that citric acid rich fruits are very good for the skin.

That means skin care is also done with health.

1) Benefits of orange and seasonal food

Benefits of orange and seasonal food
Benefits of orange

If patients of sugar consume oranges then they get plenty of energy, with very little sugar intake.

Oranges contain potassium and folate, which act to control blood pressure.

That is, whatever you have eaten with a little sugar orange, it also brings its own solution. Similar benefit comes from seasonal eating.

But you have to take care that do not eat a lot of fruits at once.

2) Benefits of Kiwi and Blackberries

Benefits of Kiwi and Blackberries
Benefits of Kiwi

Everyone likes to eat sour and sweet kiwi. The special thing is that it gives us instant freshness.

The reason for this is that they are rich in vitamin-C and have a very low amount of sugar. Even a sugar patient can eat a kiwi comfortably every day.

Blackberry is also a very beneficial fruit for sugar patients. Because it is rich in antioxidants as well as being testy.

3) Peach and plum

Benefits of peach and plum
Benefits of peach

Both peach and plums can eat fruit sugar patients comfortably. These fruits are full of fiber, so there is no problem of craving again and again after eating them.

Also, these fruits are beneficial for both test and health.

4) Apple and Avocado

Benefits of apple and avocado
Benefits of apple

An avocado has about 1 gram of sugar and is also rich in the benefits of reducing bad cholesterol. That is, two tasks with one fruit. Now you must be thinking that there is a lot of sugar in apple… juice is full of sugar.

If you eat fruits, you can eat an apple comfortably during the day.

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Diabetes patients should avoid

These fruits contain high amount of sugar, diabetes patients should avoid.

Diabetes patients should not consume some fruits. Fruits for diabetics to avoid.

Fruits high in sugar, carbohydrate and glycemic index should not be eaten in diabetes.

The amount of sugar and carb in these fruits is very high, which works to increase the blood sugar level.

Fruits for diabetics to avoid:

The diabetic patient always needs to be cautious about food. If you want to include fruits in the diet, then one has to keep in mind that the amount of sugar is not high.

People who suffer from diabetes need special attention in their diet. If you also have diabetes problems then you need special attention in your diet.

If you do not take care of your food and drink, then you start to have trouble. Many kinds of confusion about fruits also remain in people’s minds. Some fruits are dangerous for diabetes, they should be avoided.


Fruits for diabetics to avoid: pomegranate
Fruits for diabetics to avoid

Pomegranate is beneficial for health but it also contains sufficient amount of sugar. A pomegranate contains about 39 grams of sugar.

Diabetes or diabetes patients should avoid taking pomegranate.

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Dangerous for common diabetes patients.


Fruits for diabetics to avoid : mango
Fruits for diabetics to avoid : mango

Mango, the king of fruits, is also a fruit with natural sugar. A mango contains about 46 grams of sugar, so its excessive intake is also harmful. By the way, raw mangoes can be consumed in certain amounts by diabetics


Fruits for diabetics to avoid : cherry
Cherry has more sugar

This has more sugar so it is used in making ice cream etc. A cherry has about 8 grams of sugar, so it should be consumed in a fixed quantity.


Fruits for diabetics to avoid : banana
Bananas also contain more sugar

Bananas also contain more sugar. It contains about 14 grams of sugar and also has 105 calories. Due to high calories and sugar, it is dangerous for diabetics. Doctors also recommend that diabetics should not eat bananas.


Fruits for diabetics to avoid : grapes
Grapes also come in fruits with high sugar

This also come in fruits with high sugar. A grape contains 0.4 grams of sugar, that is, there are about 16 grams of sugar in 100 grams, so it should be consumed in a certain amount.

Diabetes patients should not eat all the above fruits. fruits Diabetes food for diabetics to avoid. These Diabetes food fruits have a high amount of carb, sugar and have a very high glycemic index which increases the blood sugar level.

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