Do you love to your family , country and also earth ??

If yes, you should know about secret of corona virus and aware to be known. As we know there are a virus is spreading around us in every country named as corona virus from which everyone is in fear.

It is spreading in all over world continuously if it is not stopped then there is no life will be present to see this beautiful world.

Already this virus have taken a lot off life.

how to stop corona virus

Due to this virus till now around 18000 people have died globally.
It takes more horribly form in Italy where people are moving towards safe place due to this virus. In India also there is around 600 people died.

Everyone is trying to stopped this corona virus deceases.

Our PM Mr. Narendra Modi also started a “JANTA CARFEW” that is “STAY IN OWN HOME” which is a initiative to stopped.

This spreading of corona virus.WHO (world health Organisation) is also working to support all countries .

And mostly those country who have need its maximum those who have no enough protective,medical,equipment,test kits and respirators

Do you Italy has 12th rank in WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION RANKING ? and having 6 crore population.

Still he is not able to stopped this virus so that you can understand how effective is this virus. Even Our country has more than population around 133 crore having WORLD HEALTH ORGANIZATION RANKING is 112th so that you can understand.

If it did not stopped soon then, how many death can cause due to this virus?

WHO is working actively to support all countries, and especially those that need its support the most.

But there is not enough protective equipment, medical test kits and respirators. At this time, every country is thinking about how to stopped this virus effect?

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